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Anne Milligan, LCSW

  • Since 1995, the National Institute of Health (NIH) has recommended hypnotherapy as a treatment for chronic pain.
  • A 1999 study reported in the European Journal of Pain states "Hypnosis is a powerful tool in pain therapy." Researchers used a PET imaging machine to trace the blood-flow patterns of fibromyalgia patients while under hypnosis and "proved there are actual blood-flow changes and patterns in the interplay between cortical and subcortical brain dynamics," concluding that "the patients had less pain during hypnosis than at rest." Based on this research, they concluded that hypnosis intensifies the efficiency of fibromyalgia pain management.
  • A study presented in the European Journal of Pain (April, 2009) revealed the following research regarding repressed anger and the exaccerbation of fibromyalgia pain: "CONCLUSIONS: Our study suggests that anger and a general tendency to inhibit anger predicts heightened pain in the everyday life of female patients with fibromyalgia. Psychological intervention could focus on healthy anger expression to try to mitigate the symptoms of fibromyalgia". Anne Milligan creates hypnosis scripts that can allow for the "emotional clearing" of repressed anger, resentments, grief, etc.

Anne Milligan is a certified hypnotherapist and a licensed psychotherapist in Louisville, Kentucky. Her experience spans 23 years of work with clients in a variety of areas including hospice, marriage and family therapy, individual Counseling therapy in Louisville, KY, etc. She has created a large number of healing workshops and CD's related to inner healing and mind-body medicine.

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All medical hypnosis sessions are $150 per 90-minute session and no insurances are accepted for hypnosis treatment. Please keep in mind that medical hypnosis is a powerful and effective treatment for fibromyalgia pain management and will likely save you hundreds or thousands of dollars a year in doctor visits related to pain management.

For more information about Medical Hypnosis with Anne Milligan, please click this link:


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