Daily exercise is an absolute necessity for any truly effective weight loss/weight management program. In the beginning, most people find it difficult to find the motivation to get started, and that is the hardest part of all - getting started.

Anne Milligan utilizes the proven techniques of hypnotherapy and sports motivational affirmations in her counseling therapy practice with those who are trying to create a more healthy (and more lean) lifestyle. This motivational tape entitled "Get Moving and Love It: Motivation for beginning exercisers" can be used prior to, or along with, your beginners' exercise program. Repetition is a key factor in developing any new habit, and these motivational tapes offer certain repetitive affirmations to help you radically change your attitude toward exercise. You will find that, with time and repetition, you will simply WANT to exercise daily, rather than dreading and avoiding it. And the rewards you will receive will be enormous, including the following proven benefits of daily exercise:
Improved mood
Improved heart and blood pressure functioning
Improved sleep
More stable appetite
Increased energy
Weight loss and weight management
Improved self-esteem

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"Reflections of Kindness: A Guided Meditation for Walkers." This meditation is designed to be used in a daily walking program outside. It gives walkers a more mindful, healing, and meaningful experience that they will look forward to, for weeks and months to come. The focus of this recording is building a more loving and compassionate attitude first towards ourselves, then toward those around us, and then out to the world and all living things. It helps increase mental, emotional and physical energy; it improves mood states; and it helps us grow a more positive mental attitude that others will notice and admire.

You can order copies of this tape by printing and sending the order form. Click "ORDER FORM" below to print the order form.

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